Nomad Dna

Some forgot the time when humanity lived in small tribes and constantly moved around the world.
They would wander the lands with essential tools and warm themselves up with
stories told around a campfire.
They didn’t experience limits,
boundaries or social division.
They were embedded in nature
and enjoyed a simple life.
They were free and would make their own way around their home, the Earth.
Today a few took the challenge and live like our ancestors, the others cannot leave as free explorers and still can find a way to capture this travel-mood throughout the day.

is a brand created to allow this special sense of “longing for discovery and connection” to blossom and spread in everyday life

The world is full of powerful stories waiting to be transformed in new inspiring energy. Every product belonging to Nomadcracy bears a story of a disruptive traveller.

Are you ready to let you inspire by the stories of our selected explorers?

Will you be able to bring their powerful messages of discovery, connection and transformation in everyday life?